We offer a variety of services to our clients to help make the process of property management as easy and stress free as possible.


Annual Accounts

We maintain detailed records of all expenditure on each property and sums received from each flat. Our in-house accounts manager keeps a day to day ledger on your block using up to date accounts software. At the end of each accounting year the block’s financial records are audited by an independent accountant and a copy of these accounts are provided to each leaseholder and the freeholder. This then helps us set the budget for the forthcoming year taking into account any rises in costs such as electricity, suppliers and VAT.

Annual General Meeting

West Quay arranges and facilitates the AGM for each development to present the audited accounts and to discuss any issues Leaseholders may wish to raise.

Credit Control

The Accounts Department carry out a strict credit control policy to avoid accounts falling into arrears.   The effective running of each development relies on effective credit control practices.

Budget Preparation

The annual budget is based on previous year’s running costs and factor in any anticipated increase in services and planned major projects to avoid Leaseholders being surcharged at a later date.   The budget will also include an allowance for any unexpected large expenditures.   These sums would be held in a reserve account or sinking fund.



We welcome regular communication with our leaseholders and freeholders as this helps us manage your property effectively.  If there is something you want to report or you are not happy with we want to hear about it.   We will always telephone or email you back promptly and deal with issues in a timely manner.


In the unlikely event of needing to make a complaint, please contact Joanne on outlining the issues. We aim to respond to any complaints within 24 working hours.

Cleaning Schedules

We have regular cleaning schedules the frequency of which is based on the needs of the block.   A cleaning schedule is displayed on a notice board in each block.   We pride ourselves on the standard of service provided by our cleaning contractor.



We only use local, referenced and trustworthy contractors to carry out any work on your property. We have a reputable and reliable local contractor who supplies us with an out of hour’s service.  The contractor will respond promptly to a callout and endeavour to resolve the problem immediately or in a timely manner.

Health & Safety

Fire Prevention and Risk Assessment

We make sure that each of our blocks has a fire risk assessment carried out and any recommendations within it are addressed. The fire and smoke alarms and emergency lighting are tested regularly and a record of this is kept in a locked and fire proof container in each communal block

Inspection Visits

Our “in house” cleaning and maintenance team regularly visit each property during the course of our day to day work and report back any issues noted. Our property manager will also visit the property periodically to keep a good overview of the property and its condition.

Health and Safety

We consider the health and safety of our leaseholders and residents a priority. Reports are commissioned in respect of our older blocks for the presence of any asbestos and we closely monitor all other health and safety issues. Notices are regularly erected in the event where communal areas are being used to store bicycles, prams and toys and these items removed if the problem persists.


A regular maintenance programme is discussed and agreed without Leaseholders and incorporated into the annual budget.   We welcome suggestions and feedback from Leaseholders on our maintenance service.


Legal Enquiries

If you decide to sell your property or remortgage either your solicitor or the solicitor for the purchaser will require a significant amount of information from us. The documents we are normally asked to provide will include a Leasehold Property Enquiry Form, copies of annual accounts, buildings insurance policies, budgets and details of any future anticipated works.

This legal pack is time consuming for us to compile but essential if you wish to sell your property. We charge a reasonable sum to reflect the work involved in preparing this Seller’s Pack.


Most leases allow subletting and we understand that a large proportion of flats have been sold to “buy to let” investors. It is however, your responsibility as the leaseholder to carefully vet tenants and ensure that they conform to the lease covenants. We advise you should only use a reputable agent and that adequate checks and references are carried out. If a particular flat or block continually allows anti-social or disruptive tenants into the property we do reserve the right in conjunction with the freeholder to enforce the “subletting” covenant contained within the lease. This allows us to issue a “letting license” which can be revoked if problems persist.

Data Protection

We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 to hold information and personal data from clients. In the majority of cases we are not able to provide you with other lessees information except in an emergency (water leak) etc.


If you are renting a property in one of our blocks and have any issues you should contact your letting agent or flat owner. This is not a case of us being difficult it is just that the flat owner is our client along with the freeholder.

Block Insurance

Due to FSA rules all block insurance policies are placed through our approved insurance brokers.


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